Cultural heritage is the set of assets related to culture and acquired by inheritance.

Cultural identity is the set of intangible features that belong to and define a community. This has been affected on many occasions, such as in the Second World War where many countries lost their signs of cultural identity and had to rebuild them.

A cultural asset is one that belongs to the historical heritage and is related to culture. In 1954, during a convention in The Hague, it was agreed to protect this type of property in the face of an armed conflict.

Why should we preserve?

Preservation is a method of not losing the values of cultural identity. In order to preserve the assets we have CATALOG, all the goods contained in them must be preserved.

The values of the Heritage:

  • Cultural Value
  • Artistic Value
  • Historical Value
  • Value of Authenticity
  • Value of Antiquity
  • Functional/Social Value
  • Economic Value