The place I’ve chosen to talk about is my garden. It is at the back of my house, which is located in Masies, Moncada.

-Why did you choose this place?

I chose this place because, especially during quarantine, is where i spent most of my time, either doing some exercise, practicing rugby with my brother, taking a bath in the pool or just relaxing and listening to some music.

-What makes you comfortable?

The fact that where I live theres not to much people driving around with cars or that sort of things so it is the perfect place to breathe fresh air and chill out.

-There is some disruptive element?

The only disruptive element that I can think about is either the the train that passes very half hour and i can hear it from the garden, or the insects such as flies or mosquitoes that appear on summer.

-Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

Probably yes, for example, when I go to the beach on summer nights with my friends with just some chairs and music, I feel the same way. As long as there isn’t noise or people talking loudly any place would be good.

-Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants?

Of course, they allways do. If the house was in a noisier place or in a colder city, I wouldn’t use it as I use it now. The fact that it’s is a silent place and normally we have sunny weather makes me use it as a place to relax or spend time with my family or friends.


This text has made me realize things that I had never thought about. When you analyse a building, theres are much more things than just the proper building, there is an emotional side that we tend to forget. This side has to do with how the building and its atmosphere make you feel. Even the lights, the people arround the building, the weather, almost everything can make you feel different ways, so we have to learn to analyze buildings also emotionally.