I play rugby in a club called Rugby Club Valencia, and we train in front of Valencia’s basketball stadium, the ‘Fonteta de San Lluis’. A few years ago, Juan roig started a big project of consntructing lots of basketball courts in a centre called ‘L’alqueria del basquet’, which is side by side with the stadium. But it seems that this wasn’t enough for him, and now he has started another project which is even bigger than the last one that consists on building a new stadium. And it is not a normal stadium, the ‘Casal Arena España’, is going to be the most modern stadium in Europe.

The stadium obviously stand out a lot for its extravagant forms and it looks beautiful. The architects of this stadium are Amparo roig and José Martí. It will occupy a total built area of ​​approximately 47,000 square meters. Likewise, it will have a maximum capacity of 15,600 spectators in basketball mode and 18,600 in concert mode.

As you can imagine this isn’t either chep or easy to build, that’s why it costed 220 million euros and until 2023 it won’ be available, so we will have to wait to see this beauty full of people.