This is the V&A Dundee, a museum placed in the east of Scotland made by Kengo Kuma. The construction work began on April 2014 and they opened it for people on September 15th 2018.

It impressed me that the design of the museum was decided through a contest held in 2010 in which the goal was to propose an inspirational home for Scotland’s first design museum. Kengo kuma’s design was the winner.

The museum stands out because of its extravagant forms which are inspired by the cliffs on Scotland’s north-eastern coastline. There is an open archway through the centre of the museum, reconnecting the city with the river that joins society with nature, which is a common feature of Kuma’s works. This ambitious design demanded much of engineers and constructors.

While the twists and folds of the walls might have been seen as presenting a problem, the engineers considered how these complexities could help strengthen the building. An integrated 3D model of the entire building was created as a coordination tool, meaning the architects, engineers and contractors involved in the construction could all study a digital version of what they were about to build.