Hello, my name is Alberto Vidal, I’m 18 years old and I’m a student of the first course of architecture.

If i had to describe myself, i would say that I’m a sociable person. I like playing rugby and going out with my friends, but i also enjoy staying home and do nothing.

To be fair, I first had the idea of studying architecture on february of 2020 approximetly, thanks to a friend that told that he wanted to study this university degree. I knew i wanted to study something related with technical drawing because it was my favourite subject but i was thinking more of an engineering degree. So I started investigating about the degree and I liked it a lot, especially the fact that it is based more on practicing and working by yourself than studying and memorizing.

At the beggining of the course it was a little bit difficult for me to adapt to the rythm of the class because I wasn’t good at drawing, and that made me doubt if I had chosen the best option. I’ve been working on my drawing skills and I am getting better at it so i can follow the rythm of the classes without problem now.